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Wenddi Porto Burger
Wenddi Porto Burger

Locality: Italy
Summary: Im a Brazilian biologist with a Master in Environmental and Resource Management, held in Germany. During my studies and work experiences, I realized that people are an intrinsic component in dealing with environmental problems. All aspects regarding environmental understanding, awareness, habits, actions and governance are part of my main professional purpose; implicating that, in my perspective, social and environmental issues should not be separately assessed. Im a very enthusiastic person, committed with socio-environmental causes, but also very critic about the means and ways of actual environmental measurements, policies and programs. A job opportunity with the possibility to evaluate effectiveness of environmental behaviour change initiatives; to explore and discuss dilemmas and trends regarding consumers behavior and everyday life action; organizing and promoting environmental actions; or even related with environmental governancy would match perfectly with my professional aspirations and ethical values. Im a very dynamic person, used to work in a team but also very organized and autonomous. I have a lot of initiative as well as positive leadership experiences, finding myself spontaneously several times in representing positions or serving as interface between people. My experience with education, environmental education projects and volunteer groups also helped me considerably to refine my interpersonal and communication skills. My academic experience in Germany (International Master Program) allowed me to meet people from all around the world, helping me to understand other ways of thinking, working and dealing with problems. Im very a communicative and positive person. I speak fluently English, Spanish and Portuguese (mother tongue), having also a very high language level of Italian and German.
Current: Masters related internship (Management of Social Enterprises) at Mandacar Scs Onlus Project Coordinator at Associazione INCO
Past: Project manager at International Alliance of Inhabitants Research and administrative assistant at EURAC research Institute for Minority Rights Research and administrative assistant at EURAC research Institute of Regional Development and Location Management Research Assistant at EURAC research Institute of Genetic Medicine German High School Teacher at Waldorf School "Francisco de Assis" - Sao Paulo, Brazil Research and Teaching Assistant at Chair of Environmental Issues in Social Sciences, Brandenburg University of Technology (Cottbus, Ger Ecology Researcher at EMAS Foundation (NGO) Mineiros, Gois, Brazil Environmental Educator at PROLATA - Sao Paulo, Brazil Research and Teaching Assistant at Chair of Plant Ecology, Dep. Of Ecology, Institute of Biological Science, USP Brazil see less... 6 more...
Education:  Universit degli Studi di Trento Cooperative and Social Enterprises Management (2009-2010) Specialization course (1500 hours) which aims to train managers to work in the third sector, providing the skills and tools needed to analyze the social context and combine economic efficiency and efficacy with social well-being. Main topics discussed: the context and operation of social ...
Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management
Experience: Mandacar Scs Onlus (Non-Profit Organization Management industry): Masters related internship (Management of Social Enterprises),  (May 2010-Present) Collaboration in the field of communication in order to increase the engagement of diverse stakeholders as well as the fundraising of the cooperative. Collaboration with activities regarding business management (fair trade) and hum...
Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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