Momina Condorelli

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Momina Condorelli
Momina Condorelli

Locality: Naples Area, Italy
Summary: Our group focuses on apoptosis in human diseases. We study both molecular mechanisms of drug-induced apoptosis resistance in human cancer and molecular mechanisms of cellular damages caused by an excessive apoptosis. In particular, we focused on anti-apoptotic function of PED and AKT. AKT activation causes cellular proliferation and apoptosis resistance. We identified new AKT interactors: PED and Bcl-w. AKT-mediated PED phosphorylation blocks apoptosis and DISC formation induced by TNF, TRAIL and FAS-L. Bcl-w is an anti-apoptotic member of Bcl2 family proteins. It is stabilized by AKT and protects cells from drug-induced apoptosis. We are actually characterizing anti-apoptotic function of novel AKT interactors. Recently we focused on microRNAs (miRs) and their involvement in apoptosis resistance for development of innovative tools for cancer diagnosis and therapy. miRs are small endogenous non coding RNAs which negatively regulate mRNA translation. We associated miRs-221/222 expression to TRAIL resistance in human non small cell lung cancer, by their specific targeting of p27kip1. In order to better characterize miRs-221/222 role in apoptosis resistance, we are identifying new miRs-221/222 targets and we are identifying new miRs involved in apoptosis resistance in human glioma. Furthermore, we are trying to isolate a specific marker of the cell undergoing to apoptotic cell death. This marker could be used as in vivo-imaging tool, to follow the therapeutic response of human cancer cells. These projects are in collaboration with Prof. Carlo Maria Croce, Ohio State University, Ohio, USA, Vittorio de Franciscis, IEOS/CNR. Existing grants: AIRC, FIRB-International, EU 6 FP
Past: Research associate at CNR
Education:  Universit degli Studi di Napoli 'Federico II'   - Since 2002 Associate Professor of General Pathology, Faculty of Biotechnological Sciences, University of Naples Federico II. - Up to 2002 she was Researcher of CNR-IEOS. - 1997 board in Endocrinology and Diabetes. - 1995 PhD - 1988 MD degree. Reviewer for grants UE, AICR, Cariparo Foundation, Philip Morris and National Pr...
Industry: Research
Experience: University of Naples Federico II (Educational Institution; 5001-10,000 employees; Research industry): Associate Professor,   
CNR (Public Company; Research industry): Research associate,  (February 1998-November 2002) 

Interests: consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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