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Manuel Cangemi (crash)
Manuel Cangemi (crash)

Locality: Catania Area, Italy
Summary: #Overview: Visioning Infrastructure Management Project Management Network Engineering System Integration Security Management and Testing Business scouting Financial Analysis Purchase Management Marketing/Sales supporting Administration of Systems, Networks and IT Security #Partnerships: VMware (US) Cisco (US) Khamsa (CH) Endian (IT) Gold Line Group (IL) #Operating Systems: All standards posix/*nix/unix OS as natural work environment. some specs: FreeBSD (10+ years experience) common use and goals: - Inet services: DNS/Web/Mail/VOIP/Messaging/Collaboration - Development services: Versioning/Frameworks/Build Management - Storage services: Filesystems(Network,Crpyto,Distribuited) - Application services: Appserv/Database/Streaming/Media - Disaster Recovery: Remote Backup(Network Managed) - Clustering: HA/HPC OpenBSD (10+ years experience) common use and goals: - Router - Firewall - VPN Virtual Private Network Gateway2Gateway and Roadwarrior - IDS Intrusion Detection System - IPS Intrusion Prevention System - BlackBox for security issues - Network and Services Monitoring - Honeypot - Clustering: LB NetBSD (10+ years experience) common use: - Secure industrial and embedded systems (*ARM, *MIPS, Alpha, Amiga*, ppc, hp*, *68k, sparc* and more) - Virtualization Linux (10+ years experience) common use: - flexible environment for research, experimentation, development and desktop workstation - Clustering HA/LB/HPC - embedded systems Also good experience in proprietary systems: SunOS/Solaris Sgi IRIX HP-UX IBM OS/400 IBM AIX Digital Tru64 Cisco IOS Apple MACOS Classic/X Microsoft Windows
Current: Intelligence activities support at Governative/Military entities Technology Visionary Consultant at Infrastructure & Security Manager at MOVIA SpA Member of core staff at FreakNet / Dyne see less... 1 more...
Past: Infrastructure Manager and System/Network Engineer at SPMC IT Security specialist and Unix System Administrator at Consultant System Integrator Consultant at Nokia Networks Cofounder and CTO at MediaSicilia s.a.s (IT Division) IT Consultant at IGP-Decaux Group (Simeto Docks Srl) IT Manager at Clear Channel Corporation Group (Alessi/Publiposter&Multimedia SpA) see less... 3 more...
Education:  University of Canterbury  (2005-2010) 2005-2007 - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2007-2009 - Master of Science in Cognitive Studies 2008-2010 - Doctor of Science in Strategic Sciences
 G. Ferraris & Isaac Newton Telecomunication and Industrial Electronic (1999-2004) 1997-2001 Catania - Research and experimentation at school ...
Industry: Computer & Network Security
Skills: Strategic consulting focused on new business and innovation
Experience: Governative/Military entities (Military industry): Intelligence activities support,  (2009-Present) (Computer & Network Security industry): Technology Visionary Consultant,  (April 2008-Present) Strategic consulting focused on new business and innovation
MOVIA SpA (Security and Investigations industry): Infrastructure & Se...
Interests: Interest and Hobbies - arts and expressions, alchemy, books, states of consciousness, nature, human cognition, finance, financial markets, military intelligence, trading/commercial strategies, world religions studying, computers, retrocomputing, reality hacking, hacktivism, independent media, digital underground cultures and movements, networks, internet, visual arts, music, chiptunes, Philip K. Dick, oriental cultures, aikido, security.
Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, expertise requests, reference requests, getting back in touch
Groups: FreakNet Media/Hinezumi/Poetry (hack)lab

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Manuel Cangemi. Technology Visionary Consultant Numero verde: 800 662494 Tel./Fax: +39 02 40039919 Cell.: +39 349 2920209 Email: