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Ludovico De Cinti

Locality: Rome Area, Italy
Summary: I am an Aerospace Engineer with a wide knowledge of launch systems, aerospace and orbital dynamics (from launch to atmospheric re-entry), chemical propulsion systems (liquid and solid), GNC systems and AOCS together with a strong programming competence in MATLAB/Simulink. Having always been fascinated by evolutionary theories, I developed a great confidence with heuristic and population-based optimization techniques, that I have profitably used in simulation and model-based optimal design of aerospace missions and systems. I am seeking for the opportunity to further develop such an approach in the field of concurrent design / systems design / mission analysis.
Current: Storyboarder for e-learning systems at Selex-SI
Past: Control Systems Engineer at Alstom Transport Proposal Management support at Selex-SI Technical Proposals Management support at Selex-SI GNSS Engineer at Altran Italia S.p.A. ILS Engineer at Selex-SI Mission Analyst at Altran Italia S.p.A. R&D Engineer at Rheinmetall Italia S.p.A. GNC Engineer at Thales Alenia Space see less... 5 more...
Education:  Universit degli Studi di Roma 'La Sapienza' Space Transportation Systems (2007-2007) Preliminary thesis: "Mission analysis, GNC and system design for a multistage expendable launch vehicle". Abstract: Analysing the key aspects of Mission Analysis and GNC systems design, an evolutionary inspired approach to aerospace systems engineering is proposed on the grounds of the pertine...
Industry: Aviation & Aerospace
Skills: Orbital dynamics and eso/endo-atmospheric flight dynamics (launchers, satellites, probes and re-entry vehicles). Strong MATLAB/Simulink programming competence (simulation, modelization and optimization). Multidisciplinary design optimization. Ability to lead small teams; good team player; good customer facing skills; strong problem solving skills; analytical approach; logical thinker; ability to think at systems level and to look at problems from first principles; highly pro-active.
Experience: Selex-SI (Privately Held; Defense & Space industry): Storyboarder for e-learning systems,  (February 2010-Present) As a Consultant in the Aerospace and Defense division of Altran Italia, I am working on the development of e-learning systems for radars.
Alstom Transport (Privately Held; Railroad Manufacture industry): Control Systems Engineer,  (November ...
Interests: Science, technology, cosmology, evolutionary theories, emergent behaviours, games theory, cinema, tennis, snowboarding, martial arts
Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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